Ranking the 10 best Premiership signings of 2022

https://record.revmasters.com/_LKUn9zI7CY2h_7RUBh20pWNd7ZgqdRLk/1/ With the dust still settling on an historic seventh Premiership title for Leicester Tigers all eyes are turned upon the challenge of the new season, a chance for glory and consolidation for some and a chance for redemption for many others. After arguably the most erratic and headline-grabbing year of player movements the PremiershipContinue reading “Ranking the 10 best Premiership signings of 2022”

Why Sale Sharks and George Ford are a perfect match

It has been a turbulent season for intra-Premiership transfers. This season has seen more mid-season club switches than ever before, with the player movements more closely resembling an NBA-style draft than a traditional English rugby transfer window. There is much to be excited for for almost every Premiership fan base, Bristol will gain the mercurialContinue reading “Why Sale Sharks and George Ford are a perfect match”

Why the Six Nations coverage is an embarrassment to year-round rugby fans

The problems with rugby media and questions of meritocracy. There are many things which make the Six Nations Championship great. The rivalry, the passion, the competition. Rugby fans all over the world look forward to the annual showcase and rumours about changes to the format will remain speculation for the foreseeable future. Rugby’s higher-ups wouldn’tContinue reading “Why the Six Nations coverage is an embarrassment to year-round rugby fans”

6 players to watch in the 6 Nations

Twitter: BenNurse8 It is nearly that time of year again when rugby’s most bitter and competitive tournament re-commences. The time of year when teammates become fierce rivals and fierce rivals become teammates, the beauty of the Six Nations is often hard to describe but easy to feel and extremely infectious. As an England fan nearlyContinue reading “6 players to watch in the 6 Nations”

Why Finn Russell v Saints was the best ever performance from a 10

If there is one detail of rugby discourse that i hate the most it is the unfounded and deluded perception that so-called “flashy” and “highlight” players are nothing more than their skills and tricks. Often people see players who specialise in flair and assume that they don’t have the solid general all-round game that othersContinue reading “Why Finn Russell v Saints was the best ever performance from a 10”

Why Tuilagi on the wing was a stroke of genius

Apprehensions and anxiety were extremely high for me personally going into the 2021 Autumn Series. As a general rugby fan, the 2020 ‘Autumn Nations Cup’ involved some dire rugby while last summer’s Lions tour was a monumental disappointment. As an England fan, we were coming off said Lions tour loss and a 5th place finishContinue reading “Why Tuilagi on the wing was a stroke of genius”

A Letter to BT Sport

@BenNurse8 The relationship between fans and the media has long been a complicated and tense affair. Fans frequently go after various broadcasters and pundits for any opinion which infringes on their personal agenda while the media, although bound by professionalism, often let on that sometimes they wish fans didn’t exist. However the relationship is oneContinue reading “A Letter to BT Sport”

The Premiership’s Top 5 Signings of 2021

The 2021/22 Premiership season started last weekend and many of the league’s new stars were on show. It has been a busy summer transfer window in the Premiership with Worcester, Northampton, Wasps and Leicester among others spending big and making headlines with new recruits. This gave me the perfect idea to rank my favourite 5Continue reading “The Premiership’s Top 5 Signings of 2021”

The Best Rugby Club in Every English County

Twitter: BenNurse8 English rugby is a wild landscape of various hotbeds and epicentre’s. Whether or not the regions are represented equally in English rugby there is no doubt that every region of England loves rugby, a vast reach and connection which is only reflected in one, maybe two other sports in this country, however rugby’sContinue reading “The Best Rugby Club in Every English County”

Ranking Every Premiership Fly Half From 1-13

Fly Half is seen by many in the rugby world as the most important position on the pitch. Nicknamed the ‘pivot’, the number 10 acts as a link between the backs and forwards and often makes headlines as the primary kicker on the team, both in open play and for goal. Many of the gamesContinue reading “Ranking Every Premiership Fly Half From 1-13”